Screencheat is a two to four player first-person shooter where everyone is invisible and the only way to eliminate your enemy or win the match is by screen cheating - as in looking at your enemies side of the screen to know where they are and hunting them down.

Screencheat is certainly a unique FPS in today’s gaming world where every shooter is almost of the same concept but with a different theme to them. Taking inspirations from classic competitive FPS games like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and Halo, it’s looking to be an extremely fun and competitive game with a big (invisible) twist.

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Clothes made from vintage kids’ sheets


One of my favorite shirts of all time is a Western shirt made partly from recycled Star Wars sheets, just like the ones I had as a boy. In that vein, I offer you BongaChopShop on Etsy, where you will find a wide variety of dresses, bags, etc, made from other brightly colored kids’ sheets from the same era, such as the Star Wars Corset above, or the She-Ra dress to the right. BongaChopShop (via Neatorama)